Really? Amber Necklace Overcomes Teething Pain in Babies? This is what experts say!

10/10/2018 health department

Have you ever noticed the babies of the country celebrities? Almost all wear stone necklaces known as amber necklaces. From there, amber necklaces are one of the favorite necklaces for Moms who have babies.

The Amber teething necklace is can help to relieve the pain caused when your child starts to teethe. That said, the amber necklace contained high succinic acid. The succinic acid substance that can help amber necklace users become healthier. But is this true?

How Do Amber Necklaces Work?

When used, amber granules will come into contact with the skin. When in contact with this, the wearer’s body heat makes amber release oil containing succinic acid, which is then absorbed by the body.

When it is absorbed by the body, the substance functions like ibuprofen or a pain reliever, it’s just natural. Scientifically, succinic acid is indeed often used in the world of medicine as an anti-inflammatory to reduce fever.

What are the Experts about Amber Necklaces?

But, is it true that the necklace has such properties? Is this necklace safe?

Quoted from Healthy, the answer is no. According to Dr. Andrew Weil M.D., from the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona, the efficacy of the necklace cannot be proven by modern medical science.

The sellers claim that when warmed by body temperature, amber will release pain relief substances that will be absorbed through the body into the blood vessels.

Some claim that this amber necklace can enhance the body’s immune system, thereby reducing inflammation in the ears, throat, stomach, and respiratory system. However, there is not a single scientific study that proves that.

Amber Necklace Is Dangerous for Babies

On the contrary, this necklace is actually dangerous for babies. According to Natasha Burgert, a pediatrician from the United States, there are two threatening threats, namely choking and suffocation.

When the necklace is used on the neck of the little one, especially when the baby is out of control (when sleeping for example) or when he disconnects the necklace and swallows the stone. Your child can also be accidentally choked.

Amber necklaces contain succinic acid which is a natural analgesic. However, on the other hand, there are also cases of skin irritation due to amber necklaces. Because baby’s skin is sensitive, it is not impossible he will experience skin irritation when using amber necklaces.

In addition, the use of amber necklaces can also lead to infectious diseases. Teething babies are usually followed by frequent saliva.

The saliva can flow to the neck and get stuck in a necklace. There, various bacteria grow, including harmful bacteria. This will trigger an infectious disease.

Apparently, amber necklaces have not been proven to help relieve pain when your little one grows teeth. Amber necklace can actually harm your child.