Shopping for Home Health

12/04/2019 health department

Home health care offers a convenient alternative to trips to an office. It also offers a cheaper option than nursing home care while your loved one remains in a familiar environment. If you are shopping for home health care in Silver Spring Maryland, you may be wondering what you should expect. You want to feel comfortable that your loved one will be cared for properly. 

Check Licensing and Providers 

Make sure that both the business and the individual providers working with your loved one are fully licensed in your state. Often you can verify licenses and look up records for providers online. Ask for, and call, a couple of references. Check to see if the providers sent to your home have worked for the company for a while. If there seems to be a lot of turnover with the company, consider choosing another company. Vulnerable people in poor health prefer the consistency of working with familiar providers over time. Inquire about how the company supervises providers to make sure that care protocols are followed. Good companies offer continuous training to their employees and keep up with the latest trends in home health. 

Ask About Payment 

Depending on the kind of services offered, Medicaid may help pay for part of the care. Ask about whether the practice has experience billing Medicaid and your insurance company. Make sure you understand whether the fees quoted are comprehensive, or if some services will cost extra. Ask about whether you will be notified before a service is provided that is not covered by your original contract. Emergencies may be unavoidable, but in general you deserve to have control over the services rendered. 

Finding a reputable home health provider that will take care of your loved one is a must. You want to feel comfortable that the business and employees are trustworthy and competent. In addition, you do not want financial surprises. Do your homework on the front end for the best chance of success.